9 benefits of using epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a great choice for many reasons. It’s durable and easy to maintain, which is why it’s becoming more popular in commercial settings. The material is low-maintenance and can last up to 20 years with the right care from the owner. Keep reading to find out all the benefits of using epoxy flooring!

1. Sustainability

According to Miracon, the biggest benefit of using epoxy flooring is its sustainability. Epoxy floors are made from recycled rubber tires, which means you’re recycling and repurposing waste that would’ve ended up in a landfill or incinerator. Saving the environment has benefits for everyone!

This makes it great for commercial buildings, like car dealerships, warehouses, and strip malls, which withstand heavy foot traffic every day. It’s also used in homes because of its resilience against damage compared to traditional hardwood and stone floors. This makes sure your new home will remain sturdy even after years of use.

2. Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase epoxy flooring, there’s no need to worry about expenditures in the future. That’s because it comes with a lifetime warranty! You don’t have to pay for anything related to maintenance or repair of the flooring if you ever encounter any problems. The floor is made from high-quality materials that will be durable and beautiful for years to come without issue.

3. Resistant to Mold

One problem most homeowners run into is mould on their hardwood and stone floors over time due to excess moisture that can lead to bad smells and damage your floors over time. This isn’t something you’ll have to worry about when using epoxy floors since they’re resistant to moisture which helps prevent mould from forming.

4. Easy to Maintain & Clean

Another benefit of using epoxy floors is how easy they are to maintain and clean. They offer a deep lustre that makes them attractive, plus you can easily wipe away dirt and stains with little effort! You can even spray the flooring down if it gets dirty or dusty instead of using harsh chemicals or cleaning machines that may cost more money in the long run. This saves you time as well as money!

5. Durable

This material is durable enough for commercial settings such as warehouses, where trucks constantly move materials around on the flooring surface. It holds up against heavy foot traffic every day without compromise since it’s made from recycled rubber tires which mean your investment will be worth it. It can also last up to 20 years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon!

6. Uses Less Water

Since epoxy flooring is made with recycled materials, there’s less waste which means using less water in the manufacturing process. Epoxy floors are made from kiln-dried materials that require fewer resources when compared to other types of flooring on the market today. This ensures a greener environment while helping you save money in the long run since you’re using less water during manufacturing and maintenance for your flooring surface.

This makes it great for commercial and industrial settings where water usage is vital to their business operations. This includes restaurants, which use excessive amounts of water every day in the kitchen due to cleaning and maintenance. Epoxy floors can help reduce water usage by up to 50% when compared to traditional flooring materials on the market today!

8. Oil Resistant

Since epoxy flooring is made from recycled rubber tires, it’s oil resistant which means you can use your kitchen without worry if there are any spills or drips that occur while cooking. Since this material is non-porous, you don’t have to worry about moisture seeping into your hardwood or stone floor over time which may cause mould and mildew problems down the line. You won’t see discolouration on your new epoxy floors in the future, thanks to these great qualities! This makes it ideal for kitchens as well as bathrooms since moisture often causes problems when it comes to traditional hardwood and stone floors.


Overall, epoxy flooring is a great choice for many reasons. It’s durable, resistant to mould and oil and easy to maintain and clean! Thanks to these great benefits, you don’t have to worry about replacing your floors in the future, which makes them ideal for commercial settings where you truly need a surface you can count on.

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