A Step-by- Step DIY Guide on Fixing Air Conditioner Leaks

Are you in a confounding situation with your leaky air conditioner? As much as air conditioners give us cool
comfort in our rooms, homes or offices, a leaky one can also bring so much stress. Though we can call a
technician, there are ways we can do on our own to fix the leak of our air conditioner. By doing so, we can save our money, and we can rely on our skills whenever a similar situation arises. Read more to know the
ways you can do to stop the leak of your trusted air conditioner.

– The possible reasons behind a leaky air conditioner
Before we tackle the steps, it is good to go over the reasons why an air conditioner leaks. According to the
experts, a leak can be caused by a blocked drain line, pan or hole. The drainage system in your unit needs to
have a continuous flow of water, but lines or holes can be blocked by dirt or other foreign objects. Because of
the blockage, water overflows. Another reason can be a disconnected pump line. Furthermore, improper
installation, melting of ice because of damaged refrigerant or filter, air leakage, and uninsulated duct are
possible causes of air conditioner leaks.

1. Check the lines of your air conditioner. As mentioned earlier, disconnected pipe line can cause water to flow
out of the unit. Thus, look at these parts carefully. According to Van Cecil, replace the tubing if they are the
cause of your unit’s leak.

2. Interstate and Van Cecil suggest checking on the drain pan next. Check for drain pan damage. If there is a
crack, you can cover it with epoxy, Interstate says. However, Van Cecil recommends removing the water from
the pan and cleaning it if collected water is the problem.

3. Unclog the pipes. Clear the inside the drain line. Van Cecil says to use a vacuum to remove theaccumulated dirt in the line. If not, Interstate suggests using wire brush to clean the pipe and apply cleaner to remove moss, algae, and dirt inside. Connect the pipe or drain line after cleaning and make sure it fits correctly.

4. Re-examine the condition of your unit by operating it. If leaking continuous, call a technician immediately. Perhaps, it is a problem inside the air conditioner that it is best to consult it with an expert.

5. Maintaining your air conditioner is a must. Make sure to have it cleaned every six months to one year. You
can clean the external pipes and other parts even before water overflows. For more complicated air conditioner
situations, always call on your trusted HVAC service.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in getting to know the root of your leaky air conditioner and fixing it. When
doing these home fixes on your air conditioner, make sure to use proper devices. Handle your pipes and drain
pan with care. If problems persist, contact a technician right away.